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What a week! The JAVA ladies were lucky enough to visit 4 Ricky’s NYC stores in 3 days, sharing our all natural skin care along side the rainbow of beauty trends this iconic New York beauty store has to offer (as well as doing a little shopping of our own!). And we weren’t in bad company either, with the likes of supermodel Gigi Hadid and Malia Obama seen with the famous pink and blue shopping bags in hand this past week! Who knows, maybe there was some JAVA in there!
gigi malia
Ricky’s NYC is an edgy, ultra-hip “beauty shop” specializing in professional haircare supplies, nailcare, unique fashion accessories, cosmetics, and novelties. Ricky’s NYC has been a part of New York’s urban chic culture for over two decades, since 1989. From style-conscious teenagers and their suburbanite moms to Hollywood celebrities and their professional stylists, Ricky’s NYC plays host to a diverse, cult-like following of clientele.
img_0049 img_0099






“The staff at these stores was so knowledgeable about all of the products Ricky’s carries and we are beyond thrilled to be named among them now! I can’t thank them enough for the warm welcome and passion for our products they showed.”
CEO Stephanie Additon



A veritable one stop super shop for everything beauty, Ricky’s NYC transcends trends while inspiring and emphasizing individuality. Ricky’s NYC’s eclectic offerings make headlines and grace the pages of major beauty publications every month. Ricky’s NYC is synonymous with style, sensibility and funky sophistication.Now New Yorkers can get their JAVA fix by stopping into one of the 5 Ricky’s locations carrying our caffeine creations. We can’t wait to get back to the city to do more events (and shopping) at the store that defines cult beauty!


You can find JAVA Skin Care at the following Ricky’s NYC locations:
The Java Team  xoxo

JAVA Bloom

We are are so excited to share a brand new product offering with you,
just in time for Valentine’s Day!
We received such a great response to our Demitasse Lip Duo,
we couldn’t help but make another variety.

Introducing JAVA Bloom Lip Duo featuring a
Rose Petal and Coffee Lip Scrub and Tinted Lip Balm.

Few things can comfort the soul quite like the smell of freshly bloomed* coffee,
except perhaps for the aroma of freshly bloomed roses.  Our Bloom Lip Duo marries these two bloom1_square400exceptional scents to create a lip conditioning experience that will have you feeling like you are sipping your favorite coffee in a spring rose garden.
Our JAVA Bloom set smooths, plumps,and heals, adding a light blush to your lips using only organic plant-based tint.  As always this product uses only the highest quality ingredients,
and our signature Smithsonian Certified Green Coffee. Gently exfoliate with our scrub to smooth, plump and prime your lips, then follow with our balm to heal, protect, shine and tint.

JAVA Skin Care Lip Duo Bloom –  Visit our website to order

Your lips will thank you –


*The coffee bloom is the fast release of gas that occurs when hot water comes in contact with the coffee grounds.

Do you know The Organic Bunny?

IMG_7857If you don’t already follow her blog, JAVA Skin Care would like to introduce you to The Organic Bunny.

The blog MISSION: prove that an Organic, All-Natural lifestyle can still be glamorous!

The Organic Bunny has used the blogging platform to share her most favorite Organic, Non-Toxic discoveries. So naturally,  her next step was offering a monthly box subscriptions containing these favorites.

JAVA Skin Care was elated to be included in the May box. We sent a Q&A to Organic Bunny to get her thoughts on JAVA Skin Care products and on the organic beauty movement. Here us what she had to say:

IMG_9248How do you take your coffee? Organic, black & iced! I really am not a huge coffee drinker, mostly because most places do not make tasty coffee hehehe. I will only drink it from this one Mom & Pop shop by my house as it’s cold-brewed, Organic and tastes like chocolate. I also really only drink it when I need some serious energy!

How do you choose your beauty products? The first step for me is always reading the label. Once it’s in the clear, I then choose based off colors that compliment my tones which usually include lots of mauves, tans and BOLD colors like red or magenta! I love a clean, bold lip! Performance is also really important to me, it has to work and hold up well. So really, I want it all. Clean, pretty and high-performance, which can be challenging, which is why I started my blog, to really share the best of the best!

What is your favorite JAVA product? My favorite JAVA product is the Body Serum, the smell alone is so intoxicating to me, you want to use it again and again just to get the smell on your body. It also is so moisturizing without being overly greasy which is why it’s my fave. The scrub is a close second, when used with the body serum? Ugh heavenly! I feel like it eats up all of my cellulite and makes my skin brand new again!

What have you heard about up and coming beauty trends from your meet ups with stores like Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Credo and The Indie Beauty Expo? The green beauty industry is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger which is so amazing to see because it’s been something really important to me for years now. I cannot believe that change is finally here and that women are genuinely into making safer swaps for them and their family. For me basic skincare is sort of “out”, mostly because it seems everyone has a line now. Brands are really going to have to get creative to stand out, offering more than just the staple products. Women really respond well to unique items they may have not seen yet, like a Green Coffee Body Serum 😉 It’s like any industry, quickly evolving which means we are all are going to have to keep up!

How do you use JAVA Serum in your beauty routine?
I love using the JAVA serum right out of the shower when my pores are still open and thirsty. This way, I only have to use a small amount to moisturize my skin and it really does keep my skin hydrated and comfortable all day. There is nothing worse than dry skin so this really is an important step in my daily routine!





Amanda Jo | Founder
Website • Instagram • Facebook

Thanks Organic Bunny

It’s Back – Just in Time for Summer Legs!

doubleshot_600With the warm weather fast approaching, we ladies are starting to think about the look of our legs and what steps we can take to be sure they look their best.One sure way to give our legs a beautiful sun-kissed radiance is with JAVA Skin Care’s Double-Shot Serum.

Double-Shot of what you may ask?

Our luxury blend is loaded with the all-natural, organic ingredients that make JAVA a go-to skin care product for smoothing, moisturizing, and more… including double the green-coffee infused argan oil.double-shot_blog_bath

Double-Shot Serum is super-hydrating, anti-aging and illuminating to give your legs that sexy summer glow. It’s the perfect fix after shaving your legs or after a day in the sun. Your legs will look and feel amazing.double-shot_blog

But, don’t just take our word for it – try it today and experience the Double-Shot treatment for yourself.

Available online at, at our JAVA Skin Care Concept Store at 14 Main Street, Wickford, RI and at fine retailers throughout the country. Visit our website for locations.


Clean Up Your Act


Out with the old and in with the NEW! Clean up your act by tossing out those harmful skincare products and introduce something green into your skincare routine. JAVA Skin Care uses naturally-derived plant-based ingredients and does not contain sulfates, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, palm oil, GMO’s, artificial fragrances dyes or fillers.


During the month of March:



JAVA’s Night Out: the Pucker Up Lip Bar

PUCKER Up, it’s February!


JAVA wants to make sure you’ve got the perfect pucker this Valentine’s Day – or any day – (all natural of course!). So we’ve coupled our prime and plump Demitasse Lip Scrub with FitGlo Beauty’s moisture rich Good Gloss to keep you kissable all February long.


On February 12th, the JAVA Lifestyle Showroom hosted a special Lip Bar event to help our girls get the perfect pucker from our lip expert, Shelby White.

_MG_0018_web _MG_0101_web

_MG_0132_web _MG_0059_web_MG_0080_web_MG_0076_web

Sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying naturally sweet treats while chatting about organic skin care – What could be better than that?_MG_0094_800 _MG_0061_web

If you didn’t get a chance to stop in, never fear. The JAVA Lip Scrub & FitGlow Beauty Good Gloss gift set, are available to purchase in 5 shades! Stop in to the JAVA store at 14 Main St. Wickford, RI or shop on our website:


_MG_0021_webAlso, for our Instagram fans, we are offering weekly contests all February long, for your chance to win our a JAVA Lip Scrub & FitGlow Beauty Good Gloss gift set. Click here for details._MG_0062_1

JAVA Skin Care & Fitglow Beauty: A match made in eco-luxury heaven
– organic
-antioxidant packed

JAVA Skin Care
Coffee infused skincare are wonderful, all natural, coffee based products created to let your skin drink in the powerful antioxidants of the coffee bean.

Fitglow Beauty
Nutrient infused skincare & mineral makeup always cruelty free, non toxic, 7 a natural.

Demitasse Lip Scrub: Inspired by the French Espresso Romano where your espresso shot is served with a twist of lemon, our Demitasse Lip Scrub is a delicious way to smooth and plump your lips naturally, using only five organic ingredients.

FitGlow Beauty LipGloss: Nutrient infused skincare & mineral makeup always cruelty-free, non-toxic and natural.

Shelby White
Freelance hair and M.A.C Cosmetic artist based in Rhode Island. Her work has included New York Fashion Week, Style Week & Jennie Kay.

Silver Hippopotamus Launch

_MG_0027_800 _MG_0094_800

On Thursday, January 28th we officially welcomed
Silver Hippopotamus
to their new home in the
JAVA Lifestyle Store – 14 Main Street, Wickford, RI


Kathy McGovern and Beth Melfi restore and re-purpose industrial tools, hardware and architectural salvage into magnificent one-of-a-kind artwork and home/office furnishings.


The launch party was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and begin new relationships. And, well you know, the JAVA ladies are always up for a good party…

_MG_0122_800_MG_0117_800 _MG_0135_800


JAVA Lifestyle is all about bringing together beautiful eco-luxury products – JAVA Skincare (of course), artisan jewelry, recycled hand bags , and so much more –  to create a unique shopping experience where all of the gorgeous display pieces are also available to take home.  Yeah, we thought you’d like that.



The JAVA Lifestyle team had a great time sharing our new home with our wonderful eco-luxury community.  Our store is very special to us — we hope you’ll stop by soon and find out why over a great cup of coffee!



Our JAVA Lifestyle Store

Our coffee shop was getting too crammed with crazy JAVA ladies and merchandise so, we packed up our JAVA products did the typical Rhode Island shuffle and moved down the street to create our first brick-and-mortar store on 14 Main Street, Wickford, RI.

FullSizeRender( And no the pup isn’t for sale)


Introducing our JAVA Lifestyle Store – a destination for eco-luxury living featuring our organic Everyday Skin Care Collection, JAVA Luxury Collection and JAVA Face Collection. Our lifestyle store also featurese Silver Hippopotamus Industrial/Modern Furniture, jewelry by Trisha Kelly Photography, as well  as fun items from select vendors we LOVE like – Robert Verdi’s GreatBag Co.,  and Benrus.



Our new home in Wickford Village is neighbor to dozens of fun, local stores to satisfy your shopping needs- who says shopping is limited to just the holidays?!  We are also walking distance to some amazing restaurants and the whole village is dog friendly to boot!FullSizeRender

Letsorganic just say our JAVA hearts are exploding with happiness (and green coffee of course).

Cheers my JAVA lovers to a Happy New Year, new beginnings and more importantly a new HEALTHY you!


JAVA’s Five Key Ingredients

JAVA SKin Care wants your skin to look and feel glorious in a pure, healthy all-natural way. That is why we incorporate five key all-natural ingredients to “awaken your natural beauty” in a kind,  java-loving way.



Our first key ingredient is Green Coffee (organic arabica coffee bean). It is the signature ingredient found in every JAVA Skin Care product. Cold-pressed green coffee bean extract is one of the most potent antioxidants found on earth to rejuvenate and smooth your skin. It is responsible for reducing the visibility of scar tissue, acne, and wrinkles by bringing the elasticity back into your skin!





The second key ingredient is Artisan Roasted Coffee – roasted right in our own little coffee shop! The caffeine in the roasted coffee beans is key to minimizing red, puffy dry skin and transforming the skin’s appearance into healthy, vibrant skin (not to mention it detoxes).






The third key ingredient is Organic Argan Oil also known as a “miracle ingredient” in the skin care world. Pressed from the nut of the Argan tree in Morocco, argan oil penetrates your skin with moisture while reducing any skin irritation you might have. The argan oil works on all types of skin, no matter the time of year, to make you and your skin glow!
The fourth key insweetalmondoil_smallgredient is Sweet Almond Oil that is created from a cold press process to keep it loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to fix skin disorders such as wrinkles, acne, stretch-marks and cellulite. This Sweet Almond Oil adds an all natural fragrance to JAVA that makes you smell glorious as well.




Last but not least, the fifth key ingredient is Safflower Oil. This oil allows the moisture to not
only cling to your skin, but also lock in the moisture without clogging pores! Trust me, your skin will thank you!


JAVA wants you to feel & look beautiful without the harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances.